Hughes Fowler Carruthers is without comparison one of the best departments in London and the country Chambers HNW

We support a number of charities, some with a legal aspect, some not.


They include two charities that are specifically for the homeless, Shelter from the Storm, a shelter for the homeless run entirely by volunteers, and The Pavement, a magazine for the homeless and those who work with them, to both of which we have close links. We also support the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust which provides legal representation on a pro bono basis particularly to those with disabilities.

Several of us are trustees. Frances Hughes is on the board of trustees of the Theatre Company Complicite and the Arts Patrons Trust. For many years, Renato Labi was a trustee and Chair of Poet in the City, a charity in which the partners have been involved since its inception which is committed to raising money to support poetry education in schools and the wider community. Hughes Fowler Carruthers is a member of Poet in the City’s Corporate Panel. Alex Carruthers is a trustee of the Royal Courts of Justice Citizens Advice Bureau and most solicitors in the firm give advice at the RCJ pro bono legal advice sessions.

The entire firm participates in the London Legal Walk (run by the London Legal Support Trust).


This is the work of Mary Stephenson, an artist we have supported who has been named as one of the top 10 Young British Artists of 2015.