At Hughes Fowler Carruthers there is no weak link – the whole team impresses The Legal 500 UK

We provide high-quality professional advice to meet your individual needs and requirements. We respond rapidly and sensitively to your particular circumstances.

Our clients come from many different backgrounds and lifestyles. You could be a professional, in industry, the arts and media, or the partner of someone in those fields; or you may simply have a difficult problem you need to discuss with us. You or your partner may be independently wealthy.

We are very used to international problems that concern other jurisdictions and our clients come from all over the world as well as from England.

We look carefully at ways in which cases can be settled sensibly and at the outset. Many of us are mediators or collaborative lawyers and are in a position to recommend the right negotiation process for each of our clients.

If cases cannot be settled we litigate to resolve them as quickly as possible. We are very experienced at using the court process to achieve the right result.

We pride ourselves on our personal contact with clients. We view cases and relationships on an individual basis. The right approach is very specific to the circumstances of the case of each of our clients and we involve our clients as fully as possible in all decision making.