Mark Harper comments in The Law Society Gazette on the anticipated public consultation on introducing ‘no-fault’ divorce

A consultation on introducing “no-fault divorces”, which could streamline th…

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Mark Harper speaks with BBC Radio4 as the Supreme Court rules against government in cohabitation case

Mark Harper yesterday spoke with Sarah Montague on BBC Radio4's The World at One…

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Alex Carruthers comments in The Financial Times on the Supreme Court’s refusal to grant Tini Owens a divorce

A woman has been told she must stay in her ‘loveless’ marriage to her husban…

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Learning from Johnny Depp’s ‘extraordinary’ spending

In some divorce cases, a spouse can deliberately waste money during the marriage…

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Frances Hughes comments in Spear’s on Heather Mills and Paul McCartney’s divorce

In 1998, Paul McCartney married the spirited model and campaigner Heather Mills.…

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Mark Harper speaks at Transcontinental Trusts International Forum 2018 Conference 

Partner Mark Harper is delighted to be speaking at the Transcontinental Trusts I…

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Defying a court order is no small crime

No one takes pleasure from seeing an 83-year-old man being sent to prison, perha…

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Why the race to file first for divorce in London will continue

Litigants sometimes have to start the divorce race at a sprint: hours, minutes a…

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Alex Carruthers comments in The Law Society Gazette as millionaire property developer jailed for contempt over divorce settlement

An 83-year-old businessman has been jailed for 14 months for 'serious contempt' …

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What you need to know about prenups and postnups

Many people have misconceptions about prenuptial agreements, believing that they…

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Alex Carruthers comments in The Telegraph on the landmark Julie Sharp divorce ruling

A city trader at the centre of a landmark multimillion divorce case says her for…

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Alex Carruthers comments in Bloomberg on a wife seeking a share of her ex-husband’s future earnings

The estranged wife of a UK finance director earning €1.8 million ($2.1 million…

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Mark Harper calls for divorce and family law reform in The Times

Partner Mark Harper has spoken out in favour of The Times’ campaign to mod…

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What to do if your spouse hides assets during a divorce

Disclosures last year in the Panama Papers showed that the practice of shelterin…

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The race is on for a London divorce

In the divorce forum shopping stakes, London fully deserves its reputation as th…

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Alex Carruthers comments on Princess Tessy of Luxembourg’s divorce in the i paper

London's status as the divorce centre of the world has been confirmed by a membe…

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Frances Hughes comments in The Sunday Telegraph on generous divorce payouts for men

Men are being awarded more generous divorce payouts with some also receiving ong…

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Alex Carruthers comments in the Financial Times as divorce case seeks to overturn asset-sharing principle

The Court of Appeal heard this week that Julie Sharp, who earned millions of pou…

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Mark Harper comments in the Financial Times as divorce settlements come under scrutiny

Divorce settlements are back under the spotlight following a recent Appeal Court…

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